Thursday, November 12, 2009

A reflection on the ruling of government and laws

On today newspaper, there is a report on a trans-gender woman apply for judicial review after Marriage Registry rejected her application according to Marriage Oridance. This is of course an interesting issue that worth our attention as it touched the basic doctrine of Christian religion and will certainly brings a debate in the society.

And other interesting point I noticed from a TV news reports another trans-gender woman-to-be. S/he commented that "the marriage status is not only a status recognise by the society for the succession of Estate....etc. but also recognisation by the Government....etc." What caught my attention is the word "government", I thought to myself why s/he said government instead of under the laws? Are we under the rule of the Government or the rule of Laws? Remember, the government is merely a member of the society which operates under the Laws too just like everyone of us.

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